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Get to know our VPN thought leaders and digital privacy experts.

Paul Davies

Head of research

Paul Davies is the head of research and investigations regarding VPN safety protocols and digital privacy. The work he has done which investigated dangerous free VPNs, identity theft, and internet censorship have been featured in over 2,000 online publications including WhatPC, CNet, Which, and Wired.

Andrew Thompson


With over 20 years experience editing various large well known website publications, Andrew Thompson has become our head editor here at VPNSoftwareGuide. He’s an experienced VPN specialist, technology journalist and a former product tester for various online groups. Andrew is a passionate digital privacy advocate and a fanastic edition to our team.

Richard Meyer


Richard Meyer has over 15 years experience in data analysis. Beginning life with JP Morgan and technical analysis trading, he’s now moved onto online and digital security. You can be sure our results are the actual results of our real world testing, analysed over and over by our head analysist, Richard.

Over 50 years experience

You’re in safe hands with the knowledge that between our team we have over fifty years experience when dealing with online matters such as privacy and security. From early 1989 when online security was in it’s infancy, early designs of anti virus systems for local networks were already solved by our head of research officer Paul Davies.

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